Driving Ergonomics



It is important that any training is targeted to meet the specific needs of the driving population. Our research has shown that the majority of business drivers are not aware of the risks associated with prolonged driving, working from the car or manual handling.

Research has also demonstrated that many drivers may not recognise that they are working from the car or indeed that lifting equipment from the car is ‘manual handling’.

We would therefore recommend that any training packages raise awareness of what constitutes working from the car and manual handling.

Information from this website can be adapted to meet the particular needs of an organisation and can help inform the content of any training packages. Such materials (which can be freely downloaded from our website) can be included in a ‘Driver Pack’ for drivers. The advice is generic, and it is important to ensure that any training given to drivers considers the readiness of drivers to accept and integrate it into their working life.

When developing training packages for drivers within your organisation, we recommend the following are included:

  • awareness raising of why business driving and working from the car can be harmful to the individual's health,
  • discussion of recommendations on managing this risk, through advice on:
    • car selection,
    • car seat adjustment,
    • driving posture,
    • working from the car, including manual handling,
    • the benefits of taking regular breaks,
    • driver stretches.
  • distribution of a 'Driver Pack', which includes leaflets, checklists and risk assessment forms,
  • evaluation of driver understanding of any training, which is given.