Driving Ergonomics

Car selection


Our research has highlighted a number of key considerations that should be paramount when selecting vehicles for company drivers. The car selection process should provide access to a range of manufacturers to ensure the car selected:

  • provides a good 'fit' to individual drivers,
  • considers the type of work of the driver,
  • considers the mileage or hours spent in the car.

When selecting company cars, it is important to understand in detail the tasks undertaken by drivers to ensure that the car is suited to them. Consequently, the manufacturers selected by companies should offer car models suited to the tasks of the drivers, with appropriate levels of adjustability to enable good postures to be adopted at all times:

  • provide drivers with both flexibility and personal choice within the car selection process to ensure the cars allocated meet their ergonomic and work-related needs,
  • ensure the drivers have input into the car selection process,
  • regularly review the cars offered and make this list available to the drivers,
  • recommend and facilitate long test drives before a car is chosen by an employee,
  • ensure the monthly lease cost is not the only key deciding factor in the car selection process,
  • in any cases of difficulty, seek specialist advice.

Our advice sheet 'Car selection checklist' may be helpful in this process. If there are any difficulties, specialist advice should be sought.

Once a company car has been chosen, there are a number of factors, which may contribute to the development of back pain, for example:


  • remaining in a fixed posture for a considerable period of time, by driving for long periods without taking a break,
  • awkward postures adopted when using the car as an office,
  • poor manual handling techiniques with lifting objects in and out of the car / boot, for example, laptops.