Driving Ergonomics
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Welcome to Driving Ergonomics!

Here, you can find guidance on a range of issues associated with driving, including, car selection, working from the car, seat adjustment and assessing and managing risk. These can be used by organisations to help manage and minimise the risk of driving-related musculoskeletal troubles.

The information throughout this website is based on research conducted at Loughborough University related to business driving and ergonomics. The information reflects our recommendations to promote best practice for the health and safety management of business drivers, specifically high exposure drivers i.e. more than 25000 miles per annum or more than 4 hours driving per day.

Although this website is mainly focused on car drivers, drivers of other vehicles (e.g. vans, LGVs and motorcycles) may also find some items of interest.

The information on this website was developed by a team led by Dr Diane Gyi, a Senior Lecturer in Ergonomics, based in Loughborough Design School at Loughborough University. See 'Team information' for further details.

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